Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Keep That Grill Clean

Mis-Diagnosed Problem From time to time I get emails from customers about how their grill caught on fire and totally destroyed their meal  and their grill tools as well. While it is certainly possible to start a grill fire by overloading a grill with greasy meat, and cooking it too fast, most often the grill overloading is not the root cause of the fire. What is? It’s the fact that the grill isn’t clean, and the flammable grease and oils are not draining correctly or efficiently. Not What It Seems I know that a barbecue kind of looks like a primitive and clunky tool. I mean, you just basically light a big fire in it and cook stuff, right? Not exactly. The shape and contours of a barbecue grill are all there for a reason. One of the biggest reasons is grease management. When a barbecue grill is brand new, it provides a perfectly functioning path for the hot grease to follow and drain away from the flames. Over time, as grease dries on the surface, down inside the grill, and doesn’t get cleaned up, it begins to restrict the flow of grease when you’re using the grill. A Thin Line It’s a very thin line between a clean and highly functioning grill and one that is a hazard and has the potential for a grease fire. Just a bit of clogging in the wrong place and a little puddle of hot grease can ignite and literally light your entire grill on fire. What I’m getting at here is that you need to understand the importance of keeping your grill clean. I’m not talking about the grates. That’s up to you if you want to cook on dried-on food from last time. It isn’t a fire hazard, however disgusting it might be. I’m talking about cleaning the innards of your grill. How To Do It I like to use a metal spackling knife after the grill has cooled down. I remove the grates and scrape the grease from the sides and bottom of the interior of the barbecue, paying close attention to clearing the flow into the grease catcher. I also empty and clean the grease catcher. I realize that people literally go for years without cleaning their grill and never have a fire. This has a lot to do with what they are grilling and how they are grilling it. There are times when you need to pay close attention to the cleanliness of your barbecue. If you are planning to grill a lot of meat especially hamburgers at the same time you’ll want to start with a clean grill. Most fires start with an overloaded grill and the fire could be avoided if the grill is clean. If you are using a bbq grill mat you will ALWAYS want to keep a clean grill. The grill mats concentrate the flow of grease and if used incorrectly will dump a large quantity of grease directly onto the flame. In … Continue reading Keep That Grill Clean

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